Developed with exclusive active QRS 1801, the Liz Up organic mask treats the threads intracapillarily, powerfully aligning the threads even in Afro hair. It has excellent durability, leaving hair silky and with extraordinary straight.

Máscara Orgânica


Carbonoplasty was developed with actives that allow carbon to be repositioned to the hair while smoothing.
It acts internally correcting the porosity of the fiber, sealing the cuticle, restoring shine and softness.

 Carbono Plastia 

A semi definitive treatment in hair use, manufactured with the best raw materials on the market. Rich in omega 6, omega 9, phenyltrimethicone, caprylic acid and blends. Provides high shine, volume reduction and an excellent duration, leaving hair silky and malleable.

  Escova Americana


Developed to treat extremely porous hair, the Italian mask is enriched with shea butter, coconut oil, silicone and polymers, this blend of actives provides shine, softness and a unique smoothness.

  Máscara Italiana